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      The ban on the use of Oder waters has been lifted

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      The ban on the use of Oder waters has been lifted

      Since 6 September the ban on using Oder waters has ceased to apply. During the water tests carried out last week, no new fish death cases were found along the entire river. The water tests also did not indicate any other factors which may be hazardous during the normal use of Oder waters. On this basis, the West Pomeranian Province Governor Zbigniew Bogucki made a decision to lift the restrictions introduced with the Regulation of 12 August and prolonged in the following weeks.

      The authorities and inspection bodies will monitor the Oder River, which will be coordinated by the Province Crisis Management Centre.

      Decisions lifting specific bans on various section of the Oder River, including the angling and fishing prohibition, will be made by the following authorities: the Board of the West Pomeranian Province, the General Sea Fisheries Inspectorate and the Polish Waters.

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