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      Szpargałek is supporting Ukrainian refugees

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Szpargałek is supporting Ukrainian refugees

      As always, the people of Szczecin have not disappointed. On Monday, crowds of Szczecin's residents descended on Galeria Szpargałek in Arkońska Street to support the Ukrainian community. The amount of funds raised for refugees is already known.

      This was the first Galeria Szpargałek of this type. It was organised as an off-schedule effort to help Ukrainian refugees in need. Many of those who fled from war to Poland have lost everything they had: cars, homes and, most tragically, family members. They are coming to our country with babies, all their belongings packed in a single bag. As they admit, they did not even have time to pack more things. They had to escape from the aggressors immediately. We may not stand idly by in the face of their tragedy.

      The extra edition of the Galeria Szpargałek charity raiser was organised in a flash. I should remind here that each donated item is always checked for functionality and safety, and then cleaned and entered into the system to finally “make its way” to Szpargałek’s shelves. We all wanted to put up as many such items as possible. And we made it. In our three storage spaces, we arranged thousands of books, puzzles, dishes, crystal glassware, toys, furniture, paintings, etc. Everyone could find something they would like. And no one had any reservations about having to pay to one of two bank accounts. The two accounts available were those of: the Westpomeranian Regional Branch of the Children's Friends Society, which is also raising funds for Ukrainian children, and of the Association of Ukrainians in Poland.

      Through Galeria Szpargałek, Szczecin's residents paid a total of PLN 4,400 to the bank accounts of these two organisations. Thank you very much!

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