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      Szczecin's “Chairs for Seniors”

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Szczecin's “Chairs for Seniors”

      A seemingly small gesture might turn out to be of great significance. That is why Szczecin is launching a pilot edition of a project called “Chairs for Seniors” under which the city is planning to provide places to rest in the city space.

      The activities are addressed to senior Szczecin residents, especially those who need a moment to take a break. The main objective of the initiative is to shape positive attitudes towards seniors, and make the public sensitive to their needs. Thanks to the cooperation between the City Office and specified companies and institutions, the elderly will have a chance to use specially prepared places to relax,  dedicated specifically to them.

      “Inter-generational integration is a key issue in the face of demographic challenges related to the ageing population. Mutual acquaintance and understanding will allow us to create a city that is friendly to all generations,” said Beata Bugajska, Director of the Social Affairs Department of the Szczecin City Office and Mayor's Plenipotentiary for Equality at the Szczecin Municipality. The “Chairs for Seniors” project is yet another initiative that is implemented by the City as part of inter-generational education activities in Szczecin.

      What's important, the project also promotes active participation of the elderly in community life, develops inter-generational solidarity, and is consistent with the idea of Age-Friendly Cities proposed by the WHO. The initiative called “Chairs for Seniors” is open to every Szczecin-based institution, both from the public and the private sector.

      “We invite educational establishments, cultural institutions, community clubs, care and education establishments, support centres, enterprises, and non-governmental organisations to take part; through their engagement in the project, they will have an opportunity to show that they are friendly to senior residents,” explained Beata Bugajska.

      Companies and institutions interested in joining the programme are requested to fill in a declaration of entry to the project, available on the website of Szczecin Senior Centre (, and collect dedicated markings that will show senior residents a place where they can have a rest.

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