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      Szczecin Participatory Budget 2023: 218 ideas for Szczecin!

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Szczecin Participatory Budget 2023: 218 ideas for Szczecin!

      This years Szczecin Participatory Budget has attracted the largest number of projects in many years. More proposals were only submitted during its first edition (328). The verification process will determine which projects can be voted for.

      This year’s pool, together with proposals submitted on paper, included 41 city-wide and 177 local projects. At the next stage, the projects will be published on the website, following their formal verification (STAGE I), where every resident of our city will be able to learn about them. Upon successfully passing formal verification, the projects will be reviewed in terms of their feasibility (substantive verification – STAGE II). The projects which will successfully complete the entire procedure and are approved by the social teams (STAGE III) will be included in the voting list. Residents will then select the best ones later this year.

      Thank you for every project proposal!

      This year’s pool for Szczecin Participatory Budget amounts to PLN 17 520 000.

      For more information about the Szczecin Participatory Budget, please visit

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