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      Szczecin Love 2022: the first winners have been announced!

      Robert Duchowski

      Robert Duchowski

      Szczecin Love 2022: the first winners have been announced!

      The majestic city emerging from behind the fog, Chrobry Embarkment from the water side and the greenery-drenched Summer Theatre. These shots won over the jury in the first stage of this year’s Szczecin Love photography competition.

      Who took the best photos in the first stage?

      The “Green Szczecin” category was won by Mr Mariusz, who photographed the renovated Summer Theatre against the greenery of Kasprowicz Park. A stunning shot of Szczecin as it emerges from behind the dense fog helped Mr Adrian claim victory in the “Bird’s eye view” category. Mr Valeriy is the winner in the “Floating Garden” category, with his photograph depicting the National Museum building shot from the Oder River side.

      However, this is not the end of the competition excitement! The fun continues and we are still waiting for exceptional shots depicting the beauty of the West Pomeranian capital.

      How to participate in the competition?

      As in the previous year, participants have to take pictures that fit into one of three categories: “Green Szczecin”, “Bird’s eye view” and “Floating Garden”. To enter the competition, photographs must be submitted using a special form available on the competition website Importantly, participants may submit several different shots at each stage of the competition, but they must bear in mind that each participant may be awarded only once.

      Useful information

      The winners of this year’s competition will be three participants. Their works will be selected by the competition jury, consisting of representatives of the Municipal Office, the Szczecin Arts Agency and Żegluga Szczecińska Turystyka Wydarzenia.

      In addition, at each stage of the competition, three competitors will be selected whose photographs have received the highest jury ratings at a given stage. They will receive additional prizes – high-quality photographic accessories.

      This year’s edition of the Szczecin Love photography competition, like the previous ones, has been divided into three stages. The last one will close on 20 September and winners will be announced a few days later.

      Detailed information about the competition, including its rules and regulations, information on who can participate, and a detailed schedule of the individual stages can be found on the competition website (

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