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      Szczecin has new Ambassadors

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Szczecin has new Ambassadors

      The prestigious group of people and institutions that promote our city in Poland and abroad has been expanded! The string chamber orchestra Baltic Neopolis Orchestra and the karate fighter Paweł Bombolewski have become Ambassadors of Szczecin. Medals for Distinguished Service to the City were also presented at the ceremonial session of the City Council.

      Baltic Neopolis Orchestra is a chamber ensemble founded in 2008. The formation has given concerts in 27 countries, performs more than 120 concerts a year and collaborates with esteemed composers and artists.

      “I strongly believe that if it had not been for Szczecin, this kindness and support for so many years, we would not have been able to achieve all this. It is just inconceivable… Such miracles can probably only happen in Szczecin,” said Emilia Goch Salvador, Director of Baltic Neopolis Orchestra.

      In turn, Paweł Bombolewski is an athlete, coach, educator and activist. His sporting achievements, i.e.: multiple Polish  and World Champion titles, have made our city famous in Poland and abroad.

      “We can promote Szczecin because it is an obligation for us, but also a privilege. And we would not be able to use this privilege if it were not for the support of the city”, concluded Paweł Bombolewski

      Medals for Distinguished Service to the City of Szczecin were also presented during the ceremonial session of the City Council. The honours were awarded to:

      Marek Adamkiewicz – one of the founders of the Students’ Solidarity Committee and the Independent Students’ Association, anti-communist activist,

      Zbigniew Niecikowski – long-standing director of the PLECIUGA Puppet Theatre,

      Franciszek Malik – honourable alto soloist in the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in Szczecin.

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