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      Szczecin: Get a picture with a ship

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Szczecin: Get a picture with a ship

      The “Grobla” Port Photo Spot is now ready! The Municipal Services Company has completed another Szczecin Participatory Budget project.

      What is the “Grobla” Port Photo Spot? It is a place where Szczecin’s residents and tourists can get a keepsake picture with ships crossing the Oder in the background. Located near the river bank, in Koczego Square, the spot has a curious design. It features an installation shaped like the bow of a ship, with port and starboard sides made of weathering steel and a deck consisting of grooved planks made of thermally modified wood. The bow rests on a steel structure set in concrete in the ground.

      “On the 'deck', you can find a plaque with a QR code directing you to a website ( with updates on ship movements on the Oder. Knowing when a ship will be passing by, you can catch it in the background of your photo. There is also an information sign in Strzałowska Street, with a corresponding aesthetic matching the installation's theme, showing the way to the photo point,” said Paulina Łątka from the City Information Centre.

      The project cost almost PLN 150,000 and has been carried out by the Usługi Budowlane Wiesław Furtak company.

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