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      Municipal guards inspect the Oder River

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Municipal guards inspect the Oder River

      In connection with information on the progressing poisoning of the Oder River and the need to implement monitoring of the state of the river, especially with regard to the fish die-offs, a meeting of the Municipal Crisis Management Centre was held on 12 August 2022.

      According to the information provided, the primary role in eliminating negative phenomena will be carried out by services subordinate to the West Pomeranian Voivodeship Governor.

      “ The Szczecin Municipal Police will cooperate with other entities within the administrative area of Szczecin Municipality in carrying out tasks involving ad hoc inspections of the Oder and Regalica Rivers and canals for fish die-offs and other symptoms indicating possible environmental contamination,” said Senior Inspector Joanna Wojtach, Spokesperson of the Szczecin Municipal Police.

      Thereupon, the Chief of the Szczecin Municipal Police recommended:

      - ad hoc inspection of the state of the waters

      - monitoring of “wild” bathing sites

      Informing residents of the potential hazards related to contact with the river water. The tasks are carried out by the Municipal Police Water Desk and Intervention and Patrol Branches relevant for the specific territory.

      During the weekend, municipal guards inspected and monitored the West and East Oder, Regalica, Siadło Dolne and Klucz up to Perkuna Street, Dziewoklicz and Lake Dąbskie.

      Information from the above activities is reported to the SM-DTM duty officers, who submit summary reports of the inspection results to the Municipal Crisis Management Centre. The Municipal Police Chief has instructed to take precautions and look after their own safety while carrying out the above activities.

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