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      mPAY – another app facilitating convenient payment for vehicle parking

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      mPAY – another app facilitating convenient payment for vehicle parking

      Starting today, drivers parking their vehicles in Szczecin can choose from five apps of this type.

      You can pay for parking by using parking metres or mobile apps. The latter option is much more convenient. On 1 July, the four mobile apps: Sky Cash, MoBiLET, AnyPark and Flowbird were joined by the fifth called mPAY. All five apps serve the Paid Parking Zone, paid unguarded par parks and the Old Town home zone.

      Mobile payments

      Using mobile apps is a convenient and safe way to pay for parking without leaving your vehicle. These apps allow you to specify the actual parking time. Before enabling payment for parking in Szczecin, the user should first select in the app the zone in which they are located:

      SPP (Paid Parking Zone) – subzone A

      SPP (Paid Parking Zone) – subzone B

      Strefa Zamieszkania Stare Miasto (Old Town home zone) – subzone 1

      Strefa Zamieszkania Stare Miasto (Old Town home zone)– subzone 2

      PPN (Paid Unguarded Parks) Ogińskiego

      PPN (Paid Unguarded Parks) Szymanowskiego

      PPN (Paid Unguarded Parks) Trasa Zamkowa


      PPN (Paid Unguarded Parks) Czarnieckiego.

      “Mobile payments function on the basis of a prepaid service, i.e. in order to park your vehicle, it is necessary to deposit money into the account created in a given service or use the post-paid option with a debit card connected to the account or the DCB service, i.e. payment added to the phone bill,” said Wojciech Jachim, spokesperson of NiOL. “You should update the apps regularly”.


      Benefits of settling your fees via mobile apps:

      You no longer have to look for a parking metre,

      You pay for the actual parking time,

      You can choose any fee calculation system: unlimited, time-based or for a specific amount.

      For more information and a description of other services the mobile apps offer, please visit the Sky Cash, MoBiLET, AnyPark, Flowbird and mPAY websites.

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