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      Going out for a walk in the heat? Take a water bottle and drink plentiful!

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Going out for a walk in the heat? Take a water bottle and drink plentiful!

      Szczecin has several spots in which you will find special drinking fountains with tested potable water. Those operated by the Water and Sewer Company now carry special labels. Take a water bottle with you and drink plentiful!

      The water fountains are a novelty in Szczecin and the residents are still not exactly sure as to what their actual purpose is. Most see these devices as regular taps supplying water to wash hands and face. And they’re right, but not entirely – each fountain provides water that has been tested and is also ready to drink. Operated by the Water and Sewer Company, the devices carry labels so that people can know the water is safe, tasty and healthy.

      Just take a water bottle with you and you will no longer have to worry about staying hydrated during a walk in the heat. The water fountains are located by the footpath near Arkonka, within the Arkonka area, in Różanka and Boulevards.

      However, there are more spots where you can fill up your water bottle. The Municipal Services Company operates its own fountains. You can find them in Misia Wojtka Square, Park Wolności, Szymanowskiego Street, in Kasprowicza Park near Teatr Letni, the Chełminek skatepark in Chełmińska Street and Park na Psim Polu in the Zawadzkiego-Klonowica Housing Estate.

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