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      EcoGenerator works at full capacity

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      EcoGenerator works at full capacity

      2022 was the first full year for the EcoGenerator in which the plant operated at maximum capacity. This means that the plant accepted almost 176,000 tonnes of waste, which arrived in approx. 14,000 deliveries, for thermal treatment during this period.

      Thanks to the waste delivered in 2022, the EcoGenerator produced a gross output of more than 88,000 500 MWh and more than 737,000 GJ. After deducting energy for the plant’s own needs, the production was just under 65,500 MWh and almost 726,000 GJ. The electricity generated from the waste went to the National Electricity Grid, whereas the heat went to the Szczecin District Heating Company.

      The waste from the Szczecin City Municipality, as well as its collection on the basis of agreements concluded between the Municipality and other municipalities, special purpose associations of municipalities, is a stream of approximately 70 percent of the waste thermally treated by the plant. The remaining 30 percent of the waste is so-called commercially acquired waste from various suppliers. It should be emphasised that the waste that goes to the EcoGenerator comes only from the Polish territory.

      The past year, however, was not just about numbers. It was about the many events that took place on premises or with the EcoGenerator.

      We started 2022 by replacing the jaws on the most representative piece of equipment in our plant – the gripper. Spring brought some novelties – the EcoGenerator made its debut on Instagram and, for the first time, a drone appeared in the waste bunker. In June, as part of the two-day 7th Seminar entitled “The operation of thermal municipal waste treatment plants – experiences”, of which the Waste Treatment Plant in Szczecin was the partner, we invited participants of this event to our plant for a technical visit. Our representatives also took part in panel discussion and gave presentations at meetings held at the Silver Hotel.

      The summer holidays were marked by many outdoor events. We were inviting you for ecological animations in June, July, August and September during the events organised by Żegluga Szczecińska as part of the Bulvarove series. The EcoGenerator also supported the well-known event called illuminations Szczecin 2022 and the Festival of Young Talents – New Energy.

      At the end of the summer holidays, a unique mural appeared on the grey wall shielding the company’s current-generating unit and, after the annual overhaul of our installation, in early September we were able to show off the new probes we had installed on our chimney. As a result, our plant is already compliant with the requirements that will not be in force until the end of 2023.

      In October, after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we resumed educational visits to the EcoGenerator. From then until the end of 2022, more than 240 students and their tutors from 10 schools from Szczecin and the surrounding areas visited our plant.

      At the end of 2022, we electrified everyone with perhaps the most important news. Among other things, street lamps and traffic lights throughout Szczecin will glow thanks to… waste. Technopark Pomerania will also benefit from the cheaper electricity produced by the EcoGenerator.

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