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      Discover stories unravelled in Szczecin’s audio stories

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Discover stories unravelled in Szczecin’s audio stories

      They share legends, tell stories of places and present the lives of characters associated with Szczecin. These are audio stories, which have just appeared as a completely new attraction when visiting Szczecin. They can be found on information boards in tourist areas and online.

      Now on 10 information boards describing tourist attractions in Szczecin we will find an additional QR code under which audio stories are hidden. This is a new element of Szczecin’s multimedia tourist content, successfully introduced in several other Polish cities.

      In Szczecin, QR codes of audio stories are placed as additional information on boards marking exceptional places (city information system – SIM). Such boards can be found, among others, on Solidarności Square, in the vicinity of Jasne Błonia or the Lentz Villa. They provide facts about the place where they are located and describe its history in detail.

      The audio stories were developed in collaboration with the creators of the Poznaj Historię (Get to know history) system and are not just informative texts.

      “It is a multimedia project, for which actors and readers have been engaged,” explains Celina Wołosz, Spokesperson of the company Żegluga Szczecińska Turystyka Wydarzenia.To provide variety, these audio stories often do not concern the buildings themselves, but instead evoke the stories and legends associated with them. For example, the audio story concerning the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle is based on the story of Sydonia von Borck, while the recording about the Orła Białego Square is devoted to the story of the tsarinas from Szczecin.”

      Where to find this new multimedia content? Here is the list:

      - Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle

      - Solidarności Square

      - Chrobry Embankments

      - Orła Białego Square

      - Lentz Villa

      - Old Town Hall

      - Żeglarzy Avenue

      - Jasne Błonia

      - Szczecin Philharmonic Orchestra

      - Basilica of St James the Apostle

      The audio stories last on average 6 minutes. They are an additional attraction for visitors. How can you listen to them? Just scan the QR code found on the board with your smartphone and listen to the recorded content. Alternatively, you can find them online at They are also available next to the descriptions of these places on

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