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      Changes in parking arrangements approved

      Robert Duchowski

      Robert Duchowski

      Changes in parking arrangements approved

      Monthly subscription for companies – unlimited, extension of paid parking time in the Stare Miasto Residential Zone, PPN Trasa Zamkowa available for Stare Miasto Card holders.

      At today’s session, Szczecin City Council adopted three resolutions amending parking regulations.


      Changes in the Paid Parking Zone

      The most important one concerns monthly subscriptions for legal persons (companies) and organisational units without legal personality based in Szczecin. Currently these entities are entitled to purchase a monthly subscription for one vehicle only. The resolution amending the regulation on Paid Parking Zones removes this limitation. Szczecin companies and institutions will be able to buy a monthly subscription for any number of their vehicles.


      The amendment “transfers” Unisława Street (from Wielkopolska to Felczaka) and Narutowicza Street (from Piastów Avenue to Potulicka Street) from subzone A to subzone B.


      Furthermore, it includes Legionów Dąbrowskiego (from Bohaterów Warszawy Avenue to Przecznica Street) and Swarożyca (from Parkowa Street to Szarotki Street) in subzone B.


      According to the justification of the resolution “The proposed alterations (...) are a response to feedback from residents and entrepreneurs who use the paid parking zone in Szczecin.”


      Changes in the Stare Miasto Residential Zone

      The amendment to the resolution on the Stare Miasto Residential Zone is also justified by the opinions of residents and the Stare Miasto Housing Estate Council.


      First and foremost, it amends the hours of charging for parking in the Stare Miasto Residential Zone. Parking there will be payable from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. all days of the week, and not as at present - from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday on working days.


      Secondly, it includes three streets within the Stare Miasto Residential Zone subscription area: Panieńska, Księcia Mściwoja II and a part of Kuśnierska Street (between Grodzka and Panieńska).


      The residents of the subscription area of the Stare Miasto Residential Zone (and thus soon the three aforementioned streets) are entitled to purchase the Stare Miasto Card, which grants the entitlement to park in the entire Stare Miasto Residential Zone. The cost of the Stare Miasto Card: 180 PLN/6 months, 360 PLN/year.


      The third amendment modifies the resolution on paid unguarded car parks, but in essence it also concerns the Stare Miasto Residential Zone. More specifically, it exempts holders of the Stare Miasto Card from paying for parking in the paid unguarded car park under the Trasa Zamkowa.

      There is also an amendment concerning persons entitled to purchase the Stare Miasto Card. Article 4(1) of the Regulations of the Stare Miasto Residential Zone is replaced by the following:


      “1. An inhabitant, residing at one of the addresses in the subscription area indicated in Appendix No. 2 to the resolution, being simultaneously the owner of a vehicle, the ownership of which is confirmed by an entry in the vehicle registration certificate, or having this vehicle at his or her disposal on the basis of a credit, leasing, long-term rental agreement, or on the basis of any other legal title, may purchase no more than one Stare Miasto Card, in accordance with the rule of one vehicle per one premises.”


      Adding the words “or on the basis of another legal title” will enable persons who have a vehicle at their disposal e.g. on the basis of a lending, leasing or transfer agreement to purchase Stare Miasto Cards.


      All three resolutions will enter into force 14 days after publication in the Official Journal of the Westpomeranian Voivodship.


      More information about the Paid Parking Zone, the Stare Miasto Residential Zone and paid unguarded car parks can be found at

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