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      Changes in paid car parks, beneficial for drivers

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Changes in paid car parks, beneficial for drivers

      Liberalisation of complaints concerning Paid Parking Zones (PPZs), conveniences for the disabled, and 50% lower extra charges for confusing PPZs with Unattended Paid Car Parks (UPCPs) or with the Old Town Residential Zone (OTRZ).

      The relevant resolutions of the Szczecin City Council were published in the Official Journal of the West-Pomeranian Region on 5 December. They will come into force 14 days after that date, i.e., on 19 December (Monday).

      In the PPZ rules and regulations, the provision preventing the parking manager from accepting a complaint if a driver pays the parking fee, but makes a minor mistake when entering the registration number in the parking meter (e.g., enters zero instead of O), has been removed.

      The second convenience concerns disabled persons and their care-takers. These persons, on the basis of a flat fee or a zero rate paid for parking in the PPZ, will also be able to park in the UPCP or in the OTRZ.

      Additionally, if a person pays a parking fee in another municipal car park by mistake (e.g., leaving his/her car in the PPZ but paying the fee for parking in the UPCP or the OTRZ), the extra charge he/she will be obliged to pay will equal 50% of the extra charge from the day it was imposed. This change applies to all three sets of parking rules and regulations. In the case of UPCPs and the OTRZ ‒ with the current rates applicable ‒ the extra charge will be PLN 100 instead of PLN 200. However, in the case of PPZs, it will be PLN 50 when paid within seven days of notification, or PLN 100 when paid at a later date.

      The provision obliging the driver to place a parking ticket behind the windscreen of the car will be removed from the rules and regulations of the Old Town Residential Zone. As in the case of PPZs and UPCPs, this will no longer be required.

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