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      Book donation campaign for Ukrainian children

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Book donation campaign for Ukrainian children

      The Palace of Youth Library is one of the places that is collecting books for Ukrainian children coming to our city. We do not know what lies ahead, how long will Ukrainian families stay in our country/city, will they have a home to return to?

      The organisers of the donation campaign have been asked for books that could help Ukrainian children learn our language. Colourful, beautiful fairy tales surely could take the youngest ones to a different, better world, even if for a brief time, while also helping them to learn new words.

      If you want to share your books, please donate those addressed to the youngest reader. We want to collect books that could help Ukrainian children learn Polish words, letters, etc., school textbooks, books with pictures and short textual content, books with picture alphabet, books for reading learners, short fairly tales for beginner readers, colouring books with letters, etc.

      Please provide only new books or books that are in a very good condition, ones you would like to receive as a gift for your own children. Please be considerate in choosing what to donate.

      The donation campaign is organised by and

      Details of the event on Facebook:

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