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      Boats on the water, the season is about to begin

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      Boats on the water, the season is about to begin

      It’s time to move on to the sailing adventure! Yachts have been launched, competitors are working out before the regatta, and the calendar already displays the first tournaments. All of this can only mean one thing – the 2022 sailing season is about to start.

      Zryw, Dar Szczecina and Urtica are already moored at the piers. In a few days, they will embark on their first voyages to prepare for the season. And the season is about to begin. The first Polish Match Tour, this year’s series of match regattas, will begin on 29 April. It has been held since 2007 on various waters. The competition involves a series of short 10-minute races on a one-to-one basis. The winner of each race earns a point, the loser gets 0. The teams with most points will advance to the final round.

      A week later, we will officially celebrate the inauguration of the sailing season at the Sailing Centre. After a pandemic break, we are returning to our meeting square, where on 7 May, at noon, we will raise the flag and begin sailing activities. The inauguration of the season means that numerous regattas will be launched on Przestrzenna Street. A day later, sailors from the Szczecin Regatta League will compete against one other at the sailing marina of the Sailing Centre.

      On 21-22 May, we kindly invite everyone to the Magnolia Cup Regatta. The patron of the regatta is the famous Szczecin Magnolia, an over 50-year-old yacht built in the Szczecin Yacht Yard. This is a single-mast Vega-type vessel with a hull made of wood. The regatta is open to any monohull seaworthy yachts capable of sailing in the regatta area. The regatta will be held in the following classes: ORC; KWR I, KWR II and OPEN I – up to 8m, OPEN II – from 8.01.

      The beginning of June is the perfect opportunity for the youngest sailors to compete in sports. During the first weekend of June, Szczecin’s flagship Szczecin Cup Regatta of the Day will be held. Every year the regatta is attended by competitors from Kołobrzeg, Złocieniec, Poznań, Olsztyn, and many others. Regatta for Children’s Day Cup has been permanently added to the PSKO agenda. Up to this day, apart from the Optimist class (groups A and B and a school class), we have hosted competitors of the BIC Techno class. During the 2022 season, in addition to Optimist group B and school classes, we will expect to see competitors in the Laser 4.7 and 29er classes.

      Summer on Przestrzenna Street certainly looks to be quite busy. As every year, our instructors and coaches will take care of good and safe fun during the day camp. We will start the first camp as early as 25 June. Registration for this day camp is now open via the recruitment system available at It is addressed to children aged 7 – 9 years who like physical exercise and fun, have a sport spirit, and are able to swim in the backwaters. Recruitment for the remaining day camps will start just after the May weekend.

      In terms of sporting competition, regattas will be held at our marina almost every week. Among the events planned is a Coconut Regatta dedicated to windsurfers, Interprovincial Championships of Youngsters in the Optimist class; Szczecin Fair Play and Regatta for Disabled Persons RegatON. Sailors with disabilities will compete for the second time on Lake Dąbie. The regatta will be held on Hansa 303 boats, which are specially built for people with disabilities. Not to be forgotten is the Polish Sailing League, which will take place on the waters of Lake Dąbie. The best professional sailors in the country will compete in the Polish Sailing League, as well as the First and Second League.  The regatta of the Polish Optimist Class Association under 13 has already become a tradition. As in previous years, at the end of August, Szczecin will be visited by the best “optimists” in the country, who will compete for the title of Polish Champion or Champion of PSKO under 13.

      And what about autumn plans? In September, we will host representatives of the 505 class, who will compete in the Polish 505 Cup Final. At the end of the season, traditionally, the Oderman Cup and the Sports Hope Regatta will be held.

      Detailed information on the regattas and other activities during the sailing season can be found on our website:

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