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      BikeS to launch new solutions in March

      Marta Kufel

      Marta Kufel

      BikeS to launch new solutions in March

      BikeS’s first winter is drawing to an end. The month of March will mark some changes for the bike-sharing system – there will be more bikes, price adjustments, the option to take a picture after the bike ride, and two new parking zones. A jubilee contest with prizes will also be held.

      For the first time in history, BikeS did not take a winter break (in December, January and February). The last year was unique also because  4th-generation city bikes were made available  on  01 March with the option to rent and return outside parking zones.

      In the first 12 months, a total of more than 280,000 rentals and 19,200 registered users were recorded in the new system. The number of winter rentals was within the range of 6,000-7,000 a month. For comparison, June 2022 recorded 41,000 rides.

      Due to the lower demand, there were (and still are) slightly less bikes available for rental  from BikeS during the winter season. Depending on the demand, BikeS provided a fleet of 300 to 400 bikes. Starting from 01 March, this number will be gradually increased to 600.

      There will also be some price adjustments starting from 01 March. The price per minute will grow from 6 to 10 groszy. However, membership fees will be cheaper. Monthly membership fees will be reduced from PLN 18 TO PLN 15 and quarterly membership fees will go down from PLN 45 to PLN 35.

      Since its launch, BikeS has charged users PLN 200  for leaving bikes outside the BikeS area. Following price adjustments, those who have left BikeS bicycles more than 40 kilometres from the boundary of the BikeS area will have to pay PLN 1,000.

      Another novelty starting from 01 March will be the option to take an after-ride picture of the bike. This option will be enabled for 60 seconds after the bike is blocked in the Roovee app. Such pictures might prove useful in case of a complaint, should there be doubts as to whether the bike was left in (or outside) a parking zone and as to its condition.

      The first of March will see the official launch of BikeS Szczecin Parking Zone 109, at the junction of Łukasińskiego and Sosabowskiego Streets. Also in March, but slightly later, the fifth parking zone will be opened in the Dobra commune, near the Commune Office on Graniczna Street.

      Finally, on 01 March (Wednesday), BikeS will celebrate its first birthday. To mark this occasion, annual BikeS membership vouchers will be waiting for lucky users from morning hours.  Voucher envelopes will be attached under balloons tied to bikes.

      On this day, we will also announce a contest for slogans promoting BikeS, with a tablet as a prize.  More details will be provided soon on BikeS’s Facebook page.

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